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Men’s Sheds in Alberta

Frequently Asked

What is a Men's Shed?

A Men’s Shed is a welcoming, fun, & interactive place for men to build projects, form positive relationships, increase social connections, and have fun.

Sheds are a place for you to share your skills & learn new skills from other shedders by taking part in a variety of activities including woodworking, painting, & autobody. It is an opportunity to share stories, vent, sip on a coffee while working away at projects.

Why do men need sheds?

Many men’s social life consists largely of their work buddies, and once they retire, they may lose touch with those who are still in the workforce. Loneliness and isolation can occur if one does not have social supports outside of their relationships built at work. The Men’s Shed can help retired men create a new social circle, with other retired men with similar interests.

What do you do at a Men's Shed?

Anything you want! You can work on an existing project, help someone with their’s, start your own, or simply sip coffee, hang out and chat with the guys!

Where did Men's Sheds originate?

The Men’s Shed movement started in 2007 in Australia.

The first Canadian Men’s Shed was opened by Doug Mackie in 2011 in Winnipeg. 

How can I join a shed?

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Do I have to be a certain age?

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Can I start my own Shed?

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